Aliza Lelah
After the wreck  SaturdaySome of us are dancersAfternoonIt's lucky for meEverything in its own timeA lifetime rehearsalTwo small sugar cookiesDrowning brother (I saved him)DETAIL Drowning brother (I saved him)The ebony you left I could paint you in the darkSmaller than a sack of sugarThe wonderJimmies and hot fudgeNext year unfoldingDETAIL Next year unfoldingThe airplane crashedBefore the party dressLast hero standing and And the chocolate chip cookieLast hero standingThe Two Kings of TetrisAnd a lifetime slips awayYou can't always read about itForever foundRemember everything I told youChances don't come around like thisThe Stinkier CheeseI'll take one more Argentina, pleaseJust watching the birdsAutumn to comeYou followed me this far90,000 waysDETAIL 90,000 waysThere's just enough of you in me and Oh my darlingCrumbs in Darley WoodsDETAIL Crumbs in Darley WoodsVirtue of knowingDETAIL Virtue of knowingI'm not afraid of dragonsI'll trade you this one for that oneDon't sleep away the rollercoastersThe great unknownA Wednesday's childTerrapins at the racesDETAIL Terrapins at the racesKeep it all outDid you ever see snow?Thank you for carrying onThe added RJust can't recallA bit of yellow courageMysterious waysReplacement Time makes history of usHaunted by geography and How much have you grown?DETAIL Haunted by GeographyIn a broken circleYou can read about it in their eyesOne day moves into twoDETAIL One day moves into twoMake a cardboard crown for himDETAIL Make a cardboard crown for himFrozen merry-go-roundMagic and whispersHeroes and peanutsWhen I come home you're cooking supper on the stoveI am no ordinary princessDETAIL I am no ordinary princessBad fortune changed the course of destinyNo more cowboysI'm collecting youSpring keeps her promisesDETAIL Spring keeps her promisesI don't know where it all began and I don't know where it all will endShe's saving meI want you to remember me this wayDon't spread the discontentWhen I notice your nobilityMake way for the last great romanceMake way for the last great romance and It was mine but then I gave it to youBetween Black and WhiteThe morning birds are singingJust a strawberry seasonDETAIL Just a strawberry seasonSo much love left undoneLike the sunlight on your face and In love with my mobilityDear Sister, Lost in my travelsThe country boys will love the way you smile